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Quality Assurance, Quality Control and  "ease"

To ensure that our products are of high quality, we apply measures of quality assurance and quality control as well as "ease." Quality assurance is process oriented, quality control is product oriented, "ease" can be both, and all are essential for securing quality. While quality assurance makes sure that we are moving into the right direction, quality control focuses on finding defects in the work product itself, before it is delivered.

    Quality assurance
  • Assessing all aspects of the job order, including source text(s), for fitness
  • Choosing the right people for the job
  • Allowing sufficient time to complete the work
  • Providing feedback
    Quality control
  • Ensuring that the product is complete
  • Programmatically checking the work for consistency of terminology and style, errors, etc.
  • Manual spot checks
  • Spell-checking
"ease" can happen before a work is started, while it is being done, or after it has been done. "ease" can be initiated by you, by the person entrusted with the work,
or by us. When we realize the existence of an ambiguity or issue, we investigate the cause until we come to a clear understanding, which ultimately will lead to better expression. With "ease" documents become highly understandable and will be appreciated by your reader.
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